Finally! It’s happened to me! Right in front! Of my face! And I just cannot hide it!

What kind of a bird croons in majestic chorus to a boomy acoustic beat?

A Bowerbird!

A certain daily walk during Spring Break with Mojo stands out in my mind. We got up to my parent’s house and I heard two plump finches having a row with each other on the top most roof ledge roughly seventeen feet above me. So I haven’t done this in a long time, but when I don’t have my camera and I see something I wish I could film or photograph, I just write about it. A 3 x 5 liner for a 3 x 5 snapshot, yaaadayadda. Here we go:

Against the needlessly glaring sun — really, excessive shining that day, Sun, I’m just saying — glistenin’

I squinted up at the finches and I offered my own fervent whistlin’

For finches are frequently friendly creatures, with voices that describe opaque crystal

Though I had no seedsack, I got their feedback; It was a stop.

A cursory peek at me, then they looked back at each other in disbelief.

–“Al, Is she for real?” –“Dude, I don’t know.”

(Twweeeeeeeeeeett! Thhhwwwweeeeeeep! Fweeeee fifififiifi fwee pweee! )

–“Yeah, she’s not kidding.” –“Totes. Did you hear that hard P?”

Back and forth they looked at each other and then me, for what seemed like at least 20 seconds, chirping succinct tweets the whole time. Which is a very long time in impromptu nature, folks. I wish you could’ve seen it.

So to whistle to a finch, you have to sound like you’re making a turntable scratch, just in whistle form. Like this:

It’s cool how this strawberry finch starts out slow with the single, spaced-out beeps, then builds up on it. Somebody’s been listening to Daft Punk!

There’s a thing called a chirp scratch that you can do on turntables. You push the crossfader over to close the sound of a baby scratch going forward, and then reintroduce it by pushing it back while bringing the direction of the scratch back to position. It makes a chirping noise that isn’t too far from that finch song.

Pretty cool, huh? It’s even cooler if you play both those videos, start the Strawberry Finch song, wait until it’s like 10 seconds in (or experiment yourself), then start the Chirp Flare video. In tandem they know what’s up!

Oh and the title of this entry makes no sense other than I am on a 90s club music kick. The direction of this band I’m in just took a turn for the best/worst, depending on who you are and when you were born… and clearly how fantastic and righteous of a person you are. I am confident that our music will blow those useless slap wristband thingies right off your wrists, though. If you’re still wearing those, somebody should, right? We will be performing on May 1 at local cafe/bar Revolution so train your running man, water your cabbage patches, chew on your tootsie rolls, and inflate your parachute pants!!

In closing, now that I think about it, I highly encourage an itty bitty glance at the the things MC Hammer spent his fortune on. List includes: Gold plated Hammertime underpants. Can’t touch it? Don’t want touch that.

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