What did the homosexual horse say?

By: epluribusgeenum

Mar 19 2009

Category: Alchemy for boring days, music


Horses in Four-part Farmony


I’ve spent all morning here.  You click on each one, and create your own song with this veritable band of horses.  (See what I did there? Hee.)  I plan on using this website somehow in my music if I ever try out the open mic thing.  That, and charts and graphs.

Have fun!

2 comments on “What did the homosexual horse say?”

  1. are you sure it wasn’t “HaaAAAaaaay!”

    i mean, if you are going to use this blog for music in the future, as you sAy, then you should get on with learning to show emphasis or increased volume in your words, giiiIIRRrrl.

  2. OH ILL SHOW YOU INCREASED VOLUME. HOW’S THIS? THIS REMINDS ME OF THE TONE DEAF CHARACTER WILL FERRELL PLAYS ON SNL, WHERE HE YELLS EVERYTHING INAPPROPRIATE AND SECRETIVE TO HIS OWN PERSON AND DOESN’T REALIZE IT. Man, I am glad I am not tone deaf. I don’t know what I’d do. I’d walk around whispering really good insults and yelling all the crappy ones. It’s funny that that’s the first thing that comes to mind.

    I tried to find a reference of that Will Ferrell thing on Youtube but all I could find was a Wiki article. Not as visually stimulating. Fail.

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