Seeing Yes Man did not help

By: epluribusgeenum

Mar 19 2009


Category: Figuring it out

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I saw the Jim Carrey flick “Yes Man” with my friend Tai over the winter break… so like… a month or two ago?

Lately and in general I’ve been a Yes girl. There’s something in my blood that makes me incredibly impulsive. And saying yes, to me, correlates with seizing the day (most of the time). But something I’m trying to work on is saying no. No to hanging out, no to grabbing a bite to eat and therefore spending money, no to smoking, negative nada non nope nonono. I just get so worried that people will be offended. Not so. I just have a lot to do and trying to squeeze in everything, in other words, saying yes to everything, is not only illogical but exacerbates other issues I already have with time management and being dependable. Someone attributed this to my being a “free spirit.” While I don’t have much of a problem with that term, I hardly want someone making excuses for my bad behavior. I want to fix it, especially if it’s something fugging annoying and totally remediable.

My younger brother showed me this video to help out. Pretty funny, no?

Ugh, why am I up at 3 am? Blogging? Is that really useful? In the words of Amy Winehouse, no, no, no.

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