I Love “This Type Love”

I’ve been looking everywhere for this dude since I saw him on Def Jam Poetry right after the amazing Saul Williams.  Please tell me you’ve heard of Saul Williams.  Very seldom do I listen to any given music simply for the lyrics over the sound.  It’s usually the sound that does it for me.  But with Saul, it’s what he says.  The music is pretty energetic though, I appreciate that.  I especially like this comment someone left on the Youtube video:  this SONG PUMPS ME UP FOR THA GYM!!!!!  Hells yes, I’m all about using your favorite music as a soundtrack to your life.  Actually, in this video his voice and the music kind of reminds me of TV on the Radio.  Hmmm.  I just wikipedia-ed it to see if he was a part of it but nope.  Guess who is though– David Bowie?  What in the world? 

Saul Williams aside — you’re great, dude, but you’re not this dude — let me introduce Shihan. I just got back into the swing of writing after a really dry spell… woo that was a horrible dry spell.  Depression, laziness, using curse words left and right (not that I have much against them other than they’re cheap fillers for saying what you really want to say sometimes and just hurt the ear when they’re used unnecessarily).  But okay!  This guy’s lyrical style makes me want to jump for joy; I admire it alot.  The subject matter is so sweet too, but his conversational way of flowing is rocking.  Plus his diction is simplistic.  I like that.  I wish I could be that simple sometimes.

And I quote:

“And check this, I kinda feel comfortable now, so I can tell y’all this I even be fantasizing about walking out on a green light just dying to get hit by a car just so I could lose my memory
get transported to some third world country just to get treated then somehow meet up again with you so that I could fall in love with you in a different language to see if it still feels the same.”

Awww.  What makes me the most happy about this poem is that his image does not seem like he would talk about this.  I don’t care if that seems politically incorrect or whatever you want to start calling it.  That’s how I feel.  That’s super sweet.  Stuff like that reminds me that everyone is capable, willing, and desirous of that type love.  I cried robot tears (read: none) just listening to that.  It sucks when I can’t cry but I feel all the emotion well up inside me and I know it would feel pretty good if I could.  Why do you do that body?!  How can I train you to cry?! 

Oh well.  Happy Tuesday!

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