It would be too logical to blog while I am still fully functional in the brain

Today I drove back from a quick jaunt to Austin.  The reckoning (aka Daylight Savings time) actually didn’t affect me today as much as I thought it would, what with “losing” an hour — or better yet, what with springing forward.  It’s like skipping ahead two!  I really do think becoming a morning person is just a matter of will power and discipline.  It’s just hard aligning that with everything else you may do that could possibly affect that discipline, no matter how rigid and right you have it.  Like a bad diet.  Or just trouble sleeping.  Stress.  Although the first is totally arbitrary, the second one just happens sometimes, and the third, stress, it’s a mixture of both.  Although … waking up early even if you’re tired or lazy or just not freaking feeling it that day is kind of like stretching after a good work-out that leaves you aching all over.

Here’s a smidgen of the things that made me smile today:

  • My logic lab TA now sends our lab listserv e-mails in which he addresses us by greetings such as “Young Logicians,” or Young disciples of Hilbert et al.”
  • Austin was top-notch in every department.  Fish tacos at Magnolia Cafe.  (Sorry, but what is it about that phrase “fish tacos” that disturbs me so?) Walking on South Congress.  Enjoying the weather–the sun peeked out from behind the clouds as soon as me and my friend Gloria ventured out.  Finding photographs Got my own computer back, which by the way is doing some pretty strange things at the moment.  I keep picking up voices as if I were watching a video on Youtube or something… yet… there’s nothing there.  This is seriously what I heard just now: “Whoa, look at all these condoms!  It’s like a latex commercial in here.”  Where are you coming from, stupid lines delivered by various voice-actors?!  It’s like a technological ghost story.  Casper 2.0?
  • I re-read one of my blogs today and realized at some point I referred to my old boyfriends as “lovers.”  How ding dong romantic is that?  Who do I think I am, one the lov-ah professors on Saturday Night Live?  Silly Geena.  You so crazy sometimes.
  • While eating breakfast on my friend’s porch I heard someone across 38th blasting Toxic by Britney Spears.  Even worse, it was on cd.  I heard it scratch.  Uggghh.  Why, people?  Why.  But oh yeah, I still smiled though.
  • Being home and comfy and with Mojo!
  • Urban Dictionary’s foremost agreed-upon definition of “ignant.”  Whoever this Mark guy is, he sure knows how to lay down the multi-facets (your / you’re).  You know you’re being grammatically snooty when you take opportunities just like this and intend to give a little definition and a grammar lesson.  I think I just called myself out.

ignant 508 up, 70 down hate it

Example: The ignorant way of saying ignorant
“Your ignant”
“You’re uneducated.”

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