So That Copenhagen Post Was Lacking in Something

Bikes + Sanrio = So great I'm lacking a better adjective. O, Sanrio! I hold in my heart an everlasting love for you 'til the day I die.

Here are some bad-assier girls. Bad-assier? Yeah, well, it’s my blog, and I can make up words. And what makes them better in my opinion? They have way sweeter bikes. Hey, I’m entitled to my opinion.

Check out my very right opinion.

(Stole this link from a wall-to-wall on Facebook. Try to tell me that Facebook’s creepiness isn’t worth it.)

2 comments on “So That Copenhagen Post Was Lacking in Something”

  1. dude.

    anime is not sanrio. anime bike is rique/ballsy, so some props for sheer ballsy-ness, but not as badassy as sanrio.


    oh, i almost forgot.


  2. Aw man, you’re right. In retrospect, I see that my eyes lied to my brain, and my brain lied to my heart. That is certainly not Sanrio. I saw pink, an Asian girl, and hearts, and got carried away, thinking it was Hello Kitty without actually examining what was in front of me.

    I will now hang my head in shame for stereotyping my own people. 😦

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