Behold, This Tuesday of Tortur…-ous Pleasure

Today is chockfull of goodies to keep me busy. I got about three hours of sleep but I’m still going strong. Where does that come from? That drive to keep pushing and the physical will to match it? Its a different kind of energy from the usual, and it comes out only when I know I’m dead tired. It rocks.

If I had to put that feeling in song form, it would be one by M83. And if I could sum up their sound as a whole, it’d be … 80s electro power hymn. Oh yeah. There’s something about M83 that just makes you want to run. To where? Who knows. And for what reason? Don’t know that one either. But I do know this– M83’s music swells up in your chest until you feel like you could burst… but you don’t. You use that drive to keep on trucking.

Here’s a Youtube contest video entry for the song “We Own the Sky.” We do indeed, my friend. And this here video is total ownage of your looking balls and auditory orifices. See here, we’ve got all the right elements of a good video all while being faithful to the M83 video as it is known to be: Everyday people doing mundane things rendered into a thing of beauty… Check! Images to the beat of the music? Checkcheckcheck. Oh so good.

Best part is when dude chasing his car very clearly is yelling: “THAAAAAAAAT’S MYYYYYY CAAAAARRRRR!”

Life is too good to me to run away from anything. Or to sleep in, for that matter. =) Naps are okay though. I think I’ll attempt a 20 minute right now. Very risky business, but I think I can do it. I can! I can! I will! I will!

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