Can’t catch a break, this one

I had this increment of time after class and tutoring that gave me a nice little window for napping.  I haven’t had the opportunity to nap since … geez, since that one time I drifted asleep and fell off my dinosaur.  Yeah.  That’s a long time.  Given the choice between a nap and getting stuff accomplished –chiefly, finishing sanding my bike, good NIGHT, I need to get that done– I decided to be selfish today and take a nap.  Literally two moments after I had set my alarm, had opened my window a bit to let some sun in (to prevent myself from sleeping through my next class… plus, the sun warms you to sleep) and had closed my eyes, the dogs start going beserk.  I look out my window and there are two uniformed firemen walking up to my door, all smiles.  And I’m thinking, “Well, if they’re smiling, they’re obviously not coming up to inform me of a violation.” 

But then again I’m thinking, what the crap, man.

Turns out they’re doing a neighborhood inspection/installment of fire detectors, due to a federal grant.  Might I add a fantastic federal grant.  Seems suspect, though.  Two “firemen” in “uniforms” coming to “install detectors”… for “free.”  They could just be planting cameras.  But that’s as far as I’ll let my weird mind go, because now I have a fire detector in my room and that’s one less way of potentially dying, at least!  Plus they were really nice.  The elder firemen and I chatted about dogs and how his Shih Tzu/Poodle mix has Asperger’s syndrome while his rookie partner did all the actual work.  [By the way, at the time we were talking about our dogs, I realized how many inappropriate things I could’ve done with all those words.  I had to hold my tongue.  Come on!  Shih Tzu. Poodle.  ….Shitzupoo!  And Asperger’s definitely sounds like “Assburgers” when you say it aloud.  I am such a ninth grader.  Meehee.]

Anyway, point is, someone out there obviously wants me to get stuff accomplished, so I’ll do that.  And instead of getting right to it I decided I needed to blog about it first.  Who am I!?

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