No Ad•VER•tiss•ments here… but this post’s blatant crappiness may avert your tissments

Sometimes I like using the Canadian/British spelling for certain words, like “theatre” or “realise”  It stirs things up a-mess in your grammatical world.  But for other words, like “colour,” I wonder why the American spelling omits the “u.”  Maybe because Americans live in so busy and fast-paced of culture that one has to skip the “u” in color lest you risk losing .0354 seconds of breath?

Take the following completely made-up conversation, for instance:

“Hey! I fancy the colo[u]r of your shirt!”

“Gee, thanks! Well, I’m on my way to grab a do[ugh]nut! Ta ta!”

Hmm.  Is there some extraneous mouth-bending you have to do to squeeze in that extra “u”?   And what do you have to add to “donut” to render it British? That’s right. A single “Ugh.” If that doesn’t sound like tacking on unnecessary pain, I don’t know what it is.  And judging from the way I lead my life, I must like taking on surplus endeavors.


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