Priorities & Lists

This Thursday has been such a long day. I don’t even know how it got this way, all this figurative food on my plate. I may be continually biting off more than I can swallow. But you know what? I’ll just get stronger teeth and chew more deliberately. 24 times for 24 hours, eh?

I’m fond of lists because it requires very little narrative structure. It’s cheating, and I don’t even care. What I write about isn’t often about what I did throughout the day but I just ruminated over it all… and I am truly astounded by myself. I want to live life like this everyday.

Today I squeezed in:

  • 10 am-12 pm
    a meeting with fellow French majors to jumpstart and try to pimp out the renaissance of the TAMU French Club! Woo! French in College Station, TX…. makes no sense. I love it. That’s true underground, folks, and of the nerdy kind.
    literature and film class where we basically just watched clips of different versions of The Maltese Falcon
    a bike trick sess (you really can’t convey the Valley-girl-like shortening of the word “session” in text, can you? Ah, well.) at Kyle Field for about five minutes
  • 12 pm-3 pm
    racing home to eat yummy tilapia leftovers… I got so excited about that today it was almost shameful. Like, I thought about it on the way to class… in class… right up to the point where I watched it heating up in the microwave. I swear I’m a fat kid inside.
    a return to campus to meet with my tutee (hee! that word, it kills me) for an hour long tutor session
    final preparations for a kick-ass presentation on Kleptocracy and what NYTimes writer and author of The Lexus and the Olive Tree Thomas Friedman calls DOScapital 6.0 (which is one of the most clever play on words, ever, ever! More on that in another entry. It deserves its own)
  • 3 pm-6pm
    aforementioned presentation and yes, asses were kicked
    a Lifesaver popsicle from the MSC, even though it’s cold outside. You better believe I enjoyed the crap out of it.
    mad enjoyment of said popsicle while tricking for a second time at Kyle Field. What happens next is what kills me because I went against my instinct, which told me: Just go home, Geena, you’re done with school. But noooooo.
    witnessing an asinine piece of rogue glass puncture my up-til-then supernaturally-resistant Michelin bike tire
    an exaggerated moment of sadness.  I contorted my face into the most insane frowns and gloomy eyes.  I find in its inherent silliness a healthy way to release intense frustration. 
    assuring a random girl that came up to check on me that I was okay and was in fact, just fake crying, but still very sad about my tire and the fact that I had originally planned to go home, where there aren’t random-ass pieces of glass, tell you what!
  • a ride from a good friend 🙂 Thanks Jeff-o for the pick-up and the pick-me-up
    a walk with all three dogs.  By myself.  Umm…yes.  What made me attempt it I don’t know.  Because Sophie is basically a tiger-princess both in size and leash-drag; Bailey is a freakishly strong German Pointer that knows no other direction than forward; and Mojo, ah, well, he’s perfect off-the-leash, so sweet and easy on walks. I don’t know what made me attempt it but I’m glad I did because … I did it! Success.
    practicing a cover of LoveStoned by Justin Timberlake (big grin) on my piano’s vibraphone setting
    cooking Polish sausage with potatoes and cabbage. I was running late to a film class lab so my friend Gloria, who showed up just in the nick of time to cook in my place (but who showed up too late to actually spend time with me), finished preparing the meal while I…
  • 7 pm-9 pm
    raced to campus with my friend Sean, with whom I’ve been late several times before to many-an-event, so it felt good to break that cycle. We watched the most famous version of the Maltese Falcon for our film class lab.
    snickered at him doing the I-can’t-help-it-falling-asleep-head-jerk maneuver for about 30% of the movie. That’s gotta be one of my top ten favorite things to see people do in class.
    took an exorbitant amount of notes… especially for a two-page analysis. Whatever, I love notes!
    cycled back home to eat the split-preparation meal. Yum, yum! I don’t even have recipes for this stuff, it just comes out. Top Chef will teach you amazing things.  And that’s how I justify paying for cable.
    tinkered around a little more on the piano
  • 9 pm-present
    went against my previous judgment of mood and physical stamina and made some music with some friends
    came back to a warm home that smelled like cookies
    had a one-person/one-dog dance party because I have the house to myself! Woot! Not that it’s a blessing to have my roommate gone, or a curse to have her here. But you know. Nakers time.
    started blogging

Wow. I can’t believe I just typed all that out. I also can’t believe I accomplished all of that today. That’s insane. Geena two months ago never would have gotten half of that done, especially it being a Thursday. It’s so good to say Wow, I’m glad I did all of that, instead of Wow, what did I just do for the past two hours, because I don’t remember. That’s a given. That’s a duh.

This photo, which fortuitously showed up on my right side bar (see the Flickr widget?) sums it up about right. It’s like I’m watching myself go.  Not go like, “letting myself go.”  But like, shoot, Geena, look!  You can fly!  Like I don’t need any wings other than this body and this brain. I only wish I could manipulate a photo like this. In time. 


Okay, I may be exhausted, but I love making lists, so I’m on a roll. I could make a list of lists I love to make… grocery lists, to-do lists, lists of my favorite lists. I should stop. But since I have already finished my homework, here is what I deem absolutely important tonight before I go to bed:

  • a round of Tetris Attack versus the game
  • finishing up the Spider Solitaire game I left open since this morning… if I had closed it earlier without saving I would ruin my track record and I CAN’T HAVE THAT.
  • read three chapters of East of Eden
  • write in my journal
  • stretching for five minutes to Enigma – Return to Innocence. I’ll mention now that a group of friends and I listened to that song in earnest (or at least for me it was unsurmountable earnest) on Valentine’s Day. It’s so good, and still relevant. I think I’m going to do a cover of that song. But not tonight.
  • scratch Mojo’s belly
  • fall aslumber Kaki King’s Gay Sons of Lesbian Mothers. That song both lulls me to sleep and gets me up in the morning. I drive songs into the ground.

My bedtime priorities are awesome.  Two down, several more to go. Won’t tell you which ones. Oh, sleep, you patient mistress, here I come!


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