“And now for several things completely different”

By: epluribusgeenum

Feb 18 2009

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Category: music, Things that keep my blood warm

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Focal Length:44mm
Shutter:1/0 sec
Camera:Canon EOS-1DS

The first time I ever heard of Mr. González was when I was stewing over how this guy, now a pretty dear friend, didn’t like me back.  So I stalked him for a month or two on his livejournal, which is where I had found him in the first place (he turned out to be a former middle-school classmate of mine… funny how life works).  His livejournal was also a good reason for why had started developing feelings for him–I had found his sarcastic comments, discovered through a friend’s livejournal, pretty funny.  Dude is crazy excellent with the camera and with words, mind you.  Give him a visit  if you have time, pester him, strangers and friends, so he’ll show us what he’s got (and boy does he got) instead of hoarding that talent all to himself!

So yeah, the stalking thing, not so serendipitous… totally arbitrary, but what was a play with fortune?  Uh.  He turned out to like me in the end.  Riiiiight about the time I had just got over him.  Great timing, asshat. =)  That seems to happen a lot. 

Anyway, I remember this one particular entry of his.  It was beautiful in its simplicity (just a photo and a subject line), not to mention pretty baffling in its resilience against my sadly deteriorating memory.  I’ll roughly re-enact it here:

Subject: And now for something completely different

Music: José González – Heartbeats

Of course I had to download the song he was listening to get the full effect.  I respected his music taste.  ….Annnnd of course I just had to listen to it alot, when I really wanted to get into mulling over him.  Pssssssh.  I tortured myself, silly wounded boy-crazy Past Geena.

Heartbeats actually turned out to be José’s cover of Heartbeats by The Knife, who I already loveloveloved.  I recently picked him back up after only hearing that song, “Crosses,” “Storm,” and “Love Will Tear Us Apart.”  My, my, José, I have been neglecting you, you scrumptious, surprisingly Swedish aural treat. 

Checked out “Down the Line,” and I recommend that song for your ears the most. 

But as your eyes and ears?  This one:


Not much happening other than gorgeous graphics, poignant lyrics, and soft crooning.  I’m a girl.  I love gorgeous things because I wish I could ever be as lovely.  But using paper and paint/watercolor/ink to make a video? Ding ding ding!  Japanese-inspired art?  Yes, thank you.  Then again, a cover of a Kylie Minogue song à la González?  Ohhhh, yes. 


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