My mom will always be my Valentine

By: epluribusgeenum

Feb 14 2009

Category: Things that keep my blood warm

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I hid from a girl scout today.  I love how ridiculous that sounds.  It’s true, though.  I just feel a little bad, so, sorry little girl scout. I know I was playing guitar, and I know you heard me abruptly stop at the sound of your incessant knocking, and then fall silent and not answer the door. I just didn’t want to be tempted by your cookies, and girl I know that’s what you was trying to do.  You have got to understand.

In other news, Happy Valentine’s Day!  Okay, so I know that the heart symbol is a totally man-made thing, but check out all these instances of it in nature! There are more to be seen here if this sort of thing tickles your pickle.

A mangrove in Voh, New Calcedonia

And look what I found in my lunch salad today:

I <3 Spinach

I ❤ Spinach

Surprisingly, I am feeling pretty positive about this day.  I say surprisingly because a break-up with a good-friend-turned-boyfriend-turned-…different-friend shook me up a little bit, but it does make me want to use today as a spanking new start. 

Speaking of spanking, here’s to all you couples (or un-couples too!  That’s your prerogative) who will be making your own little bow-chicka-wow-wow happen.  And hey!  Call your mother.  She birthed you.  I honestly think everyone should ponder upon that fact at least twice a day and feel very grateful. I’m kind of disturbed how my thought process went from porno music sounds to my mother… but, eh.

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