There’s a reason velo is an anagram of love

I never know what to say when people ask, “So, what do you like to do?” Okay, I’d say to myself. Go over some things that you do everyday that you like. Um, walking?

Yeah. Not really a stimulating answer. But now I think I know.

I like my bike. The other day a duo of Mormon missionaries came over and chatted me up, asked me what I was all about. Seriously, the first thing that came out of my mouth was “bikes!” Then academics. Then my dog Mojo. Then music. Then food. Hmm. Talk about priorities. If I had to think of what takes up most of my time… which, I did indeed have to, something so prevalent in my daily routine, bicycles are it. (Sorry Jojers. =[)I bike to school every morning. I bike back home for lunch. I sprinkle a few sessions for practicing tricks amongst my lecture time. I bike back home for dinner and a walk with my dog. I bike back to school for studying if I feel like going to campus to do so. I go to Wheeler Wednesday, which is basically weekly bike mayhem up at Kyle Field with other equally-obsessed bicyclists. It’s almost ridiculous. Almost.

A few months ago I combined one love (bikes) with another love (photography). I am still am amateur at both, but hey, as the Kidsong goes “Practice makes perfect, and you’ll see–you can do anything eventual-leeee, oh whoa! Be the best you can be!” DUN DUN. Dundundun da da! And yes, I watched Kid Songs. If you are part of the seemingly small population that knows what I’m speaking of, let’s talk. Anywho, here’s a glimpse at my bike life…pre-fixed gear. My bike looks totally different now, but you’ll have to wait to see that when I’m way less too tired and lazy to upload photos. Enjoy.

Bikes in a kitchen. You know, they don't taste too bad.


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