I Wore Kakis on My Legs and My Ears Today

After every break-up, you gotta have a wallowing song. Aural therapy for the lack of oral. Haha. It’s a way to escape without really getting away, and then pretty soon there’s a certain catharsis embedded in all those lyrics and melodies no matter how painful (or painless) it becomes. For me, it’s been the faithful “Used to Be” by Beach House video, filmed on the shoreside of a beach down-under by Australian Blogotheque kin Shoot the Player. I’m not going to link to the video here because at this point I’ve worn it to bits and, hey, it’s my wallowing song, get your own. 😉

Were it not for that shitastic purgatory, I would never have seen this video, and I would never have stumbled upon my most recent musical obsession — one Ms. Kaki King. I am in heaven. She doesn’t trim her right-hand fingernails so that she can play her guitar that much better. That’s dedication.

I listen to this every morning, and, let’s face it, in the afternoon… in the evening…
Gay Sons of Lesbian Mothers – Kaki King

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