Mary Jane is an Old Friend

I’ve been talking with an old friend Mary Jane. 

She can make me feel alive, or she can make me feel so plain.

She’s a loaded gun so she can put me to shame

but it’s what I do that makes her what she is to me today.


The right to self-defense  is the endgame of the NRA

But wrong motives and short fuses can put you away

I want her presence in my life, I choose to make her stay

We do the dumbest things today,

Get so lazy and go all the way

We can’t help each other if we can’t help ourselves

I don’t blame her, no,

it’s me I’ll blame always


I see her when I see her there

She hasn’t changed a single hair

I avoid her

because I’ve made poison of her

She makes noise and I can’t help but think of my lover


It’s not that I don’t care

About something inside that she won’t share

I miss her

Because she’s my sister

We’ll be much crisper yet when I’m a disciplined resister


I don’t blame her for the state of my health

She wanted my best but I just put it on the shelf

It’s not that she’s not good enough, I just need some help

To be challenged by her is to be challenged by myself

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