I Like Adding, But Subtracting Can Be a Good Idea, Too.

To add upon what I say saying yesterday, I have an illustration that I’d like to share.  It’s been swimming around in my head for awhile, this idea of meeting someone and not seeing in them a light, but seeing them as a light.  You start out as strangers, right?  You make eye contact with someone, so you physically manifest that you have caught that light and you’d like to follow it for awhile as you engage in conversation.  As a relationship grows, whether it is a platonic or romantic, you take various routes of light, still following that same flicker, but by some later point, it’s turned into a full-out flame. 

Just how do you start a fire?  With a small, insignificant spark.  Interesting how we are fond of mentioning sparks when we meet someone inspiring.  From that spark it all builds, and oddly enough, adverse elements like wind actually stoke the fire and make it stronger.  The best relationships, in my opinion, take time and often involve conflict.  To quote Aqueduct, instead of starting a fire, you should be heating things up.  The fire is the “end result,” so to speak–and letting a fire die would be equivalent to putting out the flames of a relationship.  Sorry, Usher, but letting it burn isn’t even an option–that’s a really destructive and irresponsible way of putting it.  Plus, I don’t know if you’ve heard of Smokey the Bear, but I’m not sure that’s something he wants you imparting to the youth of America.  Nor do I, either. 

This looks like a chili pepper... not intended, but hey, I like peppers. Olé!

 Hmm.  I’m going to have to translate that onto canvas soon before I go nuts.  And it won’t look like a chili pepper.  Alas, paint is the only program I have ready at my fingertips.  A little 8-bit, but it does the trick.  Does the illustration help convey what I’m trying to say? 

So, going back to our friend Smokey the Bear.  He said only you can prevent forest fires.  I agree, dear bear, but I’d like to add that it’s ultimately I who creates it, it is I who contributes to it, and it is I who has the power and the choice to stoke it or extinguish it.  Being young is full of fire and life, and it’s not a surprise we sweat ourselves trying to figure all sorts of shit out.  And you wonder why you smell Teen Spirit.

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