This made me feel so college today

By: epluribusgeenum

Feb 02 2009

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Homey don't play that.

This was found at TopatoCo, a lovely haven for webcomic lovers, mongers, and creators alike.  This one is by Hark! A Vagrant, a building series of prints by Kate Beaton, whose particular work on this website resembles that deliciously stupid song you like to hear.  That’s where I found out, so I’ll give due credit, but the selection there belies her true historic comic power.  Check out this entire fatass arsenal of historical goodies on her History Project.  Get kids to learn history in this way and we’ll be growing them so smart they’ll actually do their homework themselves!  

Speaking of which, let’s go ahead and get our tangent on and I’ll link you to an actual deliciously asinine song that you will (hopefully) like to hear.  If you can set aside any puritanical tendency to get offended by somebody else’s art, and appreciate how amusing and catchy the song is, you and I utterly belong together!    …Somewhere in public, where we can speak about these things and just be friends.

It feels really good to be done with work and school at the end of the day. Play is that much more gratifying when you’ve taken care of your responsibilities. Today, when I go swinging, I’m gonna swing high! And when I bike home, I’m only going to stop by skidding! When I climb trees I won’t surrender on the first scamper up… I’m going to wear my best climbing shoes! And when I eat some grapes I am going to throw them in the air and try to catch them in my mouth, and probably fail… but then again! I can just settle for fixing them on my fingertips, like I have orby alien hands, and plunking them into my mouth one-by-one.

This is what I do when I go home afterschool. What age am I again? I need some cheesesticks and popsicles stat. But then again, Jeopardy is in the mix, so I’m keeping it real.

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