Be like a Phoenix

Every saint has a past
and every sinner has a future.

Don’t know who said it, but it was someone bright.  Just a thought.

As for “Phoenix”es, sorry Arizona Cardinals.  I was rootin’ for ya.  But truly only because I like cardinals… as in the bird.  Tell you what, I didn’t even know who was playing by the time I showed up at the superbowl party in The Neighborhood.  Agh, but thinking about those birds reminds me that I gosta get some pictures up in this grill.  Such striking, cheerful plumage!  They flutter and play all day long in groups.  I have a bunch of photos featuring cardinals but I have no idea where they are.  Disorganized, dood.  I better get my shit together, I gotta gather my shit.  (c) The National.  There’s a good story about Funfunfunfest that comes to mind when I think of that band.  But another day.  Another holler. 

And as an attempt to coincide with a long-term personal attempt to blog everyday, this totally counts. Mmk.

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