At the cusp of Black History Month

February is brimming with promise and progress, I can just feel it.  After the inauguration this month of the first African American president?  More importantly, January saw the inauguration of the first progressive president (that term is applied in its own literal context, not in a political one) in a long time.  So of course people are going to get super buck–at least I hope!  The Village Cafe in Downtown Bryan over here is celebrating with art and music and a “Social Justice Week.”  There there’s the food of course! Food so fresh and yummy it doesn’t make your mouth water, it makes it cry.  Just thinking about the Roasted Eggplant panini is making my tongue writhe.  Village Cafe is owned by my friend Kylie Beard, who I suspect is one of several masterminds behind the event, not to mention past and futures happenings that go on in the area.  It just goes to show that no matter what town you’re in you can find people who create such a lovely community and that alone can make you feel … at home, inspired, and like you’re leading a productive life.  It’s like a veritable village.  They’re like beacons of light.  Bringing in people out from the tempest of a world that we get so caught up in sometimes.  But I digress. 

So let me introduce a good way to pause and welcome February in all its glory.  Here’s what I’m watching right now : the story of how music in South Africa stimulated the movement against apartheid.  They focus a lot on the freedom songs by apartheid activist/musician Vuyisile Mini, who was hung for his politically inciting tunes.  My roommate just sent back the movie “Rockers” to the Blockbuster gods, and while I didn’t ever find time to watch it all, the plot centers around the Reggae movement.  How fortunate it is that these movies had made their way into my life, and at what better time! 

 The guy around 18:20 on the right who sings with his fist in the air (everyone is) but with his gaze upward gave me the chills.  Fo real.  And at 30:00 ish one of the two women having a conversation by the red wall you see throughout the movie does a musical monologue that you find yourself tapping your toes to and shaking your head at the incredible fact that whites in South Africa could make natives feel like aliens in their own homeland.  It’s so absurd you can’t even believe the world sometimes.  The array of hair, faces, and clothes are an additionally delicious aspect of the film.  Gah!  You just have to watch it!  Ah, music.  Thank you.  Internet, too.  And Grey Goose.  See?  Alcohol’s not the enemy.  Not at all.  It’s the people who use it… much like guns. 

It’s a full-length movie, so get your popcorn and your beers …and your eyes and your ears.  I can’t resist rhyming.

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