Why one should not let the shower run while one writes an aimless blog entry on the toilet

By: epluribusgeenum

Jan 24 2009


Category: N'importe quoi

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Shit gets cold.  Body stays dirty.

Edit: so I realized because of the title the word “shit” probably comes across as more than vulgar and as a literal term.  It is not.  I use that word as a filler for “the shower water,” but I thought maybe it sounded funnier that way?  My highschool English teacher senior year once said that cursing was simply a way to sound uneducated.  I disagree to a fair extent–but this doesn’t prove my point at all.  Hee. 

In conclusion, I promise to myself and to you, dear non-existent reader, that I will not to discuss my bowel or its contents, so don’t even entertain the thought.  Weeeell, I mean… you can do what you want to do… it’s a recommendation.  But no, seriously, don’t.  That’s an order.

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