3&5 for 3×5

By: epluribusgeenum

Nov 19 2008

Category: 3&5 for 3x5

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Every day, there are several images that get thrown my optical way.  And the only thing I can do is blink hard and pretend that my head is a camera–and not just any camera, but a really nice, thick, monster of a camera–and that my right eye is the lens.  Unfortunately, I only have a broken camera that sits on my desk with this sad looking lens that’s frozen in a half-open eyelid kind of way.  “Yes, Geena, I’m dead. But remember that nutty idea you had to try and take pictures while riding your bike in a challenging unicorn costume?  For that, my eye will forever be open.  Reminding.  Watching.”  Sigh-a-ligh-a-ligh.  I suppose I could just hope for any camera.

But I digress! Point is, I wish I had camera to capture what captures my eye everyday.  When the perfect combination of colors collide together, when a tree sways in the wind so hard to the left it looks like it’s doing stretches, or when my dog makes that face like Billy Joel, all I can do is remember.  And then write it out.  In a triplet and then a cinquain.  Bet you didn’t think you’d hear that word today: cinquain, but there you are, you sexy Spanish sounding word that isn’t exactly Spanish.  In other words, three lines then five lines in place of a three inch x five inch picture.  Sort of like that John Mayer song.  Except his poem had a melody and … a Grammy.  He wins!

I thought at first an aged giantess plucked a strand from her plump head

I know better now, friend, picture this instead:

a renegade thread floating so serene between light poles and gentle trees.


Its fibers sticky powers and delicate dexterity

attaches its ends to whatever will let it.  I wonder in a moment of clarity:

Are there spider babies set in it and holding on, futurebound? And

on that brilliant twinkling in the sun can there be found

Inky octets of eyes so full of life and reverie?


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